Saturday, October 31, 2009


There's been so much debate on national health care that I'm sick of hearing all the whining from both sides of this issue; the D’s verses R’s.

Is our health care system in American really broke and does it need fixing? If so what kind of fix does it need? Should we use the same system of health care that Canada and Britain uses, which is socialism and won't work, or should we, model our health care after the form used in Germany or Taiwan? Which does work. Either way be prepared, taxes will go up!

The current form that Congresswoman Nancy Palosi (D, CA) and Senator Harry Reed (D, NV) are backing and pushing through Congress is socialism and needs to be questioned and debated by us, the American people, not the politicians in Washington. Let us make that decision, (it called freedom of choice.)

Given the track record of the United States Government and the Bureaucrats within government the only beneficiary’s will be special interests groups. Not the Individual American!

Here’s what you’ll get under the current plan.

The courtesy of the I.R.S.

The efficiency of the Post Office

The effectiveness of FEMA after Hurricane Katrina.

Is this what you want, be careful, you may get what you want and as I’ve learned in my short life, “what I want is not necessarily what I need."

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