Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Devastation of American Indian Tribes

Since law creates the religion of a nation, engagement in the political arena is a righteous endeavor. But when victory involves the use of questionable procedures the process becomes evil. Politics in the United States provides a fundamental lesson in Hegelian Dialectics. Compromise with evil is standard practice; there are questionable coalitions, outright mendacity, consorts with the Devil, and manipulation of naïve voters. Victory is sought without regard to its cost. Most tribes and their members within Indian country have fallen into this trap.

Political decisions made by ferocious, unctuous elected leaders in organizations like the Pechanga, the Oneida, and a number of other American Indian Nations, are devastating tribal unity. By electing duplicitous individuals into leadership positions who promise tribal members a few crumbs from the Hog’s Trough while they, themselves, will be feasting on world governance and other inimical programs. Individual American Indian Tribal members are hoodwinked; their vote promotes an evil agenda.

It appears these Indian Tribes’, whose leaders, hold substantial sway over voting members cherishes their ability to manipulate the political process and are willing to relinquish the exclusivity of their spiritual beliefs in an evil pragmatic effort to secure victory for anyone who promises them a larger position of the slop at the Hog’s Trough. The fact that they may not understand the evil nature of Hegel and his Dialectic and are practicing it unwittingly does not mitigate the devastating effects it has on the unity of their tribes.

The cause of this evil can be summed up in three words: Apathy, Enmity, and Greed! These causes are like malignant tumors and if left un-treated will destroy the body. Any nation that either fails to acknowledge or is unable to discern reality and make decisions in its best interests from an accurate assessment is destined for destruction.

There are a number of evil independent conspiracies operating in parallel, highly organized, powerful, working to hold mankind in a satanic vice. Yet their actions show they're full of hate, in love with death, consumed by avarice. Courage and truth comes hard to them.What is needed are statesmen not pompous tenacious leaders who are unable to refrain from using subterfuge and turpitude.

If this steps on some toes, so be it. Don’t expect an apologue! Hopefully this will open some eyes and shed some light on one cause of an evil disease infecting Indian Country”…

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